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TITLE: The Development of the Psyche and its Impact on Health - Interweaving Archetype Psychology & Neuroscience
AUTHOR: Linda Newbold
DATE: Nov 2010
No. of PAGES: 64
PUBLISHER: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
ISBN: 978-3-639-30298-1
PRICE: 49 Euros / £36.55

Available from AMAZON.CO.UK 


After 30 years' involvement in the field of personal growth and in training and working in many different psychotherapeutic and spiritual theories, I was compelled to try and make sense of everything I had learnt. My book reflects this passionate interest as I have tried to trace the origin and content of the psyche. I use the word 'psyche' to include the mind and, as I see it, the mind within the body. I have been mainly drawn to the work of Dr C G Jung and his theories and I use these as the groundwork on which to compare and contrast modern scientific ideas about the mind. I have also tried to demonstrate my great interest in research which shows how the mind and body are interconnected and how the mind can be activated to heal the body.
This book is a direct transcript of my master’s dissertation and was therefore originally aimed at an academically-minded audience. Others, with a non-professional interest in the subject, have told me that they have found some interesting and stimulating ideas in it … and that the concentration required was worth the effort!

Here is a link to a .pdf file which describes the content of my book in more detail (book cover images below). I hope you find it interesting: Click Here


TITLE: Mind Clearing - Extracts & Summary of Original Manuals by Charles Berner
AUTHOR: Linda Newbold
DATE: 1991

No. of PAGES: 20


For Counsellors, Psychotherapists & the Interested Layman:

I wrote this Summary following training in Mind Clearing through 1990-1993.  It is taken from the manuals from which we studied  on the course. Those manuals were themselves summaries based on years of research into both Sahaja Yoga and the ancient Upanishad scriptures as interpreted by Patanjalis, and then in turn by Charles Berner. Charles Berner was known as Yogeshwar to his students in his Californian Ashram. I was trained by a student of his in London, known then by the Sanskrit name of Tara Devi.

I believe the content to be accessible to the interested layman and hence I am providing a link to a .pdf file for anyone to use as they wish and trusting that they will acknowledge this source! 

It has certainly been of value in my work throughout the years, and, whilst I do not practice Mind Clearing now in its original form, I still find the model and some of the techniques useful in my current integrative approach to therapy and counselling.  PLEASE CLICK HERE



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