FAQs & Fees

What Do I Have to Pay?
Please enquire regarding alternative fee arrangements if covered by Private Medical Insurance or by other providers

All fees are reviewed annually.
  • For Individuals:
For the first Assessment Session and for all subsequent sessions either weekly** or fortnightly**:

£70 for 1 hour or £100 for 1.5 hours  

Sessions can take the form of either a negotiated fixed number of sessions or left open-ended. It is best to make a commitment to the process for at least 6-8 weekly sessions initially to give yourself the best possible chance to notice help occurring.

  • EMDR Therapy for Trauma, Abuse & Other Issues:

This distinct form of therapy utilises a targeted approach to resolve, not only traumatic events, but also some cases of anxiety, depression, phobias and so on. It requires the use of special protocols, sometimes using special equipment, to enable emotional change at a deep physiological and neurological level. It is unique and follows a specific procedure which is unlike other forms of talking therapy. Therefore, it is generally recommended that sessions last for 1.5 hours either weekly or fortnightly.

For the first Assessment Session and for all subsequent sessions either weekly** or fortnightly**:

£75 for 1 hour or  £105 for 1.5 hours  

  • Joint or Couple Sessions:

For the first  Assessment Session and for all subsequent Joint/Couple's sessions:

 £80 for 1 hour or £110 for 1.5 hours either weekly or fortnightly.

  • Telephone Counselling:

As an experienced Telephone Counsellor, having worked for several years for a busy Employee Assistance Programme, I am now offering One-Off sessions by telephone. There is a sliding scale of fees which must be paid in advance by cheque or BACS transfer. Please phone or email me to arrange an appointment slot and to take payment details. There will be no charge for this initial contact.

The fee, for a minimum of 30 minutes, is £40.

The time may be increased in blocks of 10 minutes up to 50 minutes and should be agreed and paid for in advance. 

30 minutes - £40
40 minutes - £50
50 minutes - £60
  • Counselling Supervision & Consultation for Individual Trainee and Qualified Counsellors

Frequency of supervision and length of supervision sessions can be discussed according to your needs.

The basic fee for each supervision hour is £60 for all qualified counsellors and £50 for student counsellors.
  • Group Supervision for Counsellors & Psychotherapists:

Based on a group of 3 therapists the fee is £45 per person for a 2 hour group session or £40 for a group of 1.5 hours.

How Long & How Frequent are Sessions? 
Sessions usually last for one hour each week for individual work. Occasionally it is possible to negotiate a double, intensive session.
If you are financially stretched, very busy or work shifts, the option of FORTNIGHTLY sessions may be discussed following the assessment in the first and/or subsequent sessions. 

How Long Will I Have To Come For?

I recommend that new people come for an assessment session so we can both decide if we can work together. Note that in the first session it can take a while to record your background information, for my records, before the real work begins.

Each person is different but it may take several sessions before it seems as if any help has taken place, or whether further issues have surfaced which need exploring. At this point, for complex issues, and for change at deeper levels, people can mentally prepare themselves for longer therapy, over a period of several months or years (up to 3 or 4) depending on the therapy chosen and the issues involved. We will have regular reviews to check that help is still taking place.

What If I Need To Cancel?

I ask for one week's notice of cancellation, preferably at the previous session, so that I have a fair opportunity to fill your slot. All cancelled appointments with less than one week's notice, are charged for at HALF the fee. If I receive less than a full 2 day's notice the FULL fee will generally be charged.

However, if I can offer you an ALTERNATIVE face-to-face APPOINTMENT before and as well your usual next appointment, I will do so without extra charge; sometimes though this is mutually hard to arrange, and so a fee will still be charged.

Another alternative option in the case of less than 1 week's notice of cancellation is to take up TELEPHONE COUNSELLING at a pre-arranged hour agreed in advance on the telephone. In this situation this would be the usual fee which you pay for face-to-face counselling. This would also have to be before and as well as your usual next face-to-face appointment. Where this option is not possible either, the fee will still be charged.
Please note that the full fee is always charged even in the event of late arrival, however unfortunate or accidental .... 

What Sort of Issues Can You Help Me With?
    Addictions (in recovery)
    Anger Issues
    Assertiveness issues
    Communication problems
    Guilt and shame issues
    Mid-life crises
    Personal growth
    PTSD and/or Trauma
    Relationship problems
    Self-Confidence Issues
    Serious Illness (Emotional Aspects)
    Sexual , Emotional, Physical Abuse
This list is not exhaustive – please feel free to discuss your issue with me to see if I think I can help. If not, then I will refer you on.
What Types of Therapy are on Offer?

Amongst many other methods, I have received substantial training and/or CPD (Continuous Personal/Professional Development) in each of the modalities listed below over the last 30 years. 

Each can be provided as a standalone therapy but my usual method is to offer them as part of an integrative package**. Thus I will, following discussion with you, decide what is likely to be most appropriate for you as we go along, but with your full consent.

CBT and Mindfulness
Couple or Relationship Therapy
Counselling Short Term (6 sessions) and/or Telephone Counselling
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) ** The full 8-phase protocol will always be used
Inner Journey Intensives (based on the book by Brandon Bays)
Mind Clearing
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Psychotherapy (Integrative approach incorporating Jungian, Humanistic, Psychodynamic & Transpersonal Principles)

What Does Holistic Mean?
To me, this means that I work with all aspects of a person's makeup, recognising that a difficulty, very often, manifests on several planes. For example, a physical symptom may be alerting us to an unresolved problem on other levels, such as our mental attitudes, or unexpressed emotion. I am interested in health and healing at all levels, including, at one end of the spectrum, the use of diet and nutritional supplements, to the practice of meditation at the other end.
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