Holistic & Therapy Links to Useful Websites

For further information on counselling, psychotherapy or other alternative and holistic approaches to health and healing, I recommend the sites below.
Please note that although many links take you directly to my entry in the directories named below, it is possible to search the rest of the directories as well.


Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy Accrediting & Registering Organisations:

Directories of Counsellors & Psychotherapists & Information on Mental Health:

Counselling & Psychotherapy Services for Specific Issues: Information & Helplines:

Colleagues' Websites in Other Parts of the UK:

Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (Humanistic & Transpersonal) -Information For..... :

A lively magazine on humanistic psychology and its place in society.

Psychotherapy & Healing online training - SOPH - Society of Psychology & Healing


Mind-Body-Spirit Approaches to Wellbeing:

I have found the following very helpful for my advancing my own inner work over the years:

The Work by Byron Katie 

The Journey by Brandon Bays 

William Bloom

Consciousness Research & Healing 

Living the Field by Lynn McTaggert 

The Institute of Noetic Sciences : The Science of What Connects Us


Alternative Philosophy in Childrearing:

For optimal development babies and children need to experience that which our species has adapted to over a long period of eveolution. Modern child-rearing methods make this difficult. Jean Liedloff provides help and ideas in this website based on her book called The Continuum Concept.

John Bowlby, a British Psychoanalyst, researched and wrote prolifically through the middle of the last century, about the importance of attachment to one main carer in the first 2 years of a baby's life. Distress in later years and throughout adulthood, particularly in relationships, has its origins in poor attachment in these crucial early years.  There is valuable information on this website about his ideas.


Personal & Spiritual Growth Work Introductory Courses:

Workshops and talks to introduce ideas about cutting edge thinking from spirituality to quantum physics in St James's Church, Piccadilly, London:

Healthy Holistic Lifestyle:

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